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MegaCon 2012
Feb 16 to Feb 19 in Orlando, FL

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Type of Convention: Anime, Comic, Fantasy, Gaming, Sci-Fi

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MegaCon, short for Mega Convention, is a large convention that caters to the comic book, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, gaming, and multi-genre community, occurring between late February and early March at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA.

An attendee will find over 156,000 square feet (14,500 m2) of exhibit space with merchandise including: comic books, toys, anime merchandise, clothing, gaming supplies, swords, and much more. Collectors and fans of all ages and genres can also convene to discuss and buy various merchandise of their favorite TV shows, movies, and entertainment including, but not limited to: Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Events include Indy Film Festival, battling robots, annual cosplay/costume contest, all genre costume contest, rpg gaming, panels, and the Cyberia Dance presented by Anime Sushi. Also at the convention you might meet famous names from the past and present like June Lockhart (Lost in Space), Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk), Ray Park (Star Wars), and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules).

As with many conventions, attendees can volunteer to work a minimum of a four-hour shift to enjoy the remainder of that day free. Space is always limited, so planning ahead is suggested.

Since 2001, MegaCon has also been the location of the long running "Paranoia LIVE!" LARP, based on Mongoose Publishing's Paranoia.

August 2008 MegaCon announced that it would host the first inaugural Project Fanboy Awards ceremony, awarding authors, writers and publishers with honors voted on by internet users on the Project Fanboy website. This is an ongoing event.

In September 2008, MegaCon headquarters moved from Safety Harbor to Live Oak, Florida, although the actual convention is still slated to remain in Orlando.

MegaCon also offers attendees the option of game playing. Games range from RPG to Collectible Cards to Board Games to Minitatures. Some of the past and current game systems are Living Greyhawk, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars Miniatures, Call of the Cthulhu, Legends of the Shining Jewel, Shadowrun, Warhammer, Warmachine, Wizkids, Magic and Naruto to name a few.

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